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James Charles Best outfits to try out

James Charles Is a major Beauty icon and is known for all his amazing makeup palettes that we love to wear and talk about, but James Charles also have a great eye for fashion and as tried out some of the best outfits.  As a big f…

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Some of the best Halloween Makeup Ideas for the Halloween season. With Halloween at our door step its really time to dish out some of the best Halloween Makeup ideas that we have ever seen.

Beautiful Christmas Hairstyles that's easy to do and will make you look really cute

With Christmas right around the corner, its really time to start planning and yes i know hairstyle and hair look is really not something you really want to waste your time on this year.

30 Easy Cute Hairstyles for School for Black Girls

Hairstyle for Black Girls Sometimes finding the right hairstyles isn't the easiest thing and it can be hard just coming up with new hairstyles to do everyday for school.  and we all want to look our best so these 30 Easy Cute…

Cute Outfit For Woman

Cute Outfit For Woman  Sometimes your in to mood to try something different and cute and this Outfit, is really cute and will give you an amazing look.  Sometimes finding the right outfit can be more pain that it as to but that&#…

Gym Bag for Women

There never seems to be a good Gym Bag for Women when you need one, I mean most gym bags look like they were made for men. And I really don’t understand why because we girls, go to the gym also. We spend just as much time trying …